A cartoon review of
election 2016

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Preoccupying Hillary

Debate time out

Trump'snorthern aggression

GOP facing extinction

Millennial mistake

McConnell darts

Hillary's warmest winter

Human microphone feedback

Change for a 20

Trump reflecting

Carly's high note

Trump v. gravity

Losing the elephant

Speaker v. screamer

When pigs fly

Trump train coming

Cruz's stage dive

Trump's grin

A fox leaves the hen house

Hungry vermonster

Shattering a glass floor

Campaign reset

Basket of deportables

Trump's check-up

Bomb disposal

Handicapping the debates

3 ring circus

Creepy clowns

Ryan's wall

Stop and frisky

Rigged system

Fat lady sings the blues

Parental controls

President selfie


Pre-existing condition

Santa's helpers

Belle afire

Swamp thing

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