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February 2018

February 2: Trump prefers "just ICE"

February 1: Olympic guide: Co-Lugin'and Russian medalling

January 2018

January 29: President Trump's deep State of the Union

January 26: the family von Trump fleeing justice in the Swiss alps

January 25: America first on the Davos bunny slope

January 23: Chuck Schumer, caveman

January 22: Trump's magic mirror confusion

January 19: Trump prepares to fire

January 18: King vs. Trump (iii)

January 16: King vs. Trump (ii)

January 15: King vs. Trump (i)

January 12: Donald Trump's check-up

December 2017

December 8: Harboring a little fugitive

December 7: Next year in Jerusalem

December 6: GOP's big tent revival

December 5: Putin's perfect score

December 4: deciphering Donald Trump's code talk

December 1: General Flynn's art of the plea deal

December 1: President Trump ignites the nationalist tree

November 2017

November 17: GOP's simplified tax form

November 16: Handling Alabama's Roy Moore

November 15: Trump's Asian trip souvenir

October 2017

October 20: President Trump's tomb of unknowns

August 2017

August 25: Big oil faces a windfall in Texas

August 23: Trump Doctrine

July 2017

July 12: Donald Trump, Jr vs. the Trump playbook

June 2017

June 30: Trump's growth in office

June 2: Kushner's Backchannel

May 2017

May 19: President Trump's Enemy No. 1

March 2017

March 27: Make America point fingers again

March 24: Trump-Ryan Care's unplanned parenthood

March 20: First day of Silent Spring at Scott Pruitt's EPA

March 11: mixed signals for Preet Bharara

March 10: GOP's Russian healthcare

March 8: GOP's simplified healthcare

March 7: Trump changes the conversation

March 3: Jeff Sessions, under oath and above the law

February 2017

February 24: Trump vs. George Washington

February 22: Trump vs. TR

February 21: Trump vs. Lincoln

February 20: Trump vs. Reagan

February 17: Trump's tie to Putin

February 16: Donald Trump's molehill

February 14: St. Valentine's Day Massacre

February 08: Social promotion at Education Dept.

February 07: FDR, Trump, and fear itself

February 03: Elise Stefanik's commitment ring

February 02: where the emolument buck stops

January 2017

January 31: an unAmerican way to treat a king

January 30: Statue of flibertygibbet

January 23: Leader of the fact-freeworld

January 17: The flood to follow Obama

December 2016

December 14: Putin's extreme vetting of Trump's America

December 13: Rex Tillerson and human rights for oil

December 12: Trump's counter intelligence

December 9: Welcome to Trump's private swamp

December 8: Reflecting on Trump's energy agenda

December 2: Fake news meets real fire

December 1: Santa Trump's little helpers

November 2016

November 30: America's pre-existing condition

November 23: Trump's basket of disposables

November 21: Self-deportation from Trump Nation

November 9: President Selfie

October 2016

October 28: Hillary's ol' ball & chain

October 24: bracing for Trump's ground game

October 21: Trump's twitter account parental controls

October 20: history singing Trump off

October 17: how the system is rigged

October 14: trump's stop-and-friskiness

October 12: the russian roulette election

October 11: walling off trump

October 7: pole-watching during the hillary surge

October 5: creepy veepee clowns

October 3: trump's tax attack

September 2016

September 30: trump campaign's three-ring circus

September 27: a bad case of debate sniffles

September 26: handicapping the presidential debates

September 22: for african-americans, still the same old history

September 20: the candidates' differing approaches to terrorism

September 15: a second opinion on donald trump's health

September 13: donald trumps basket of deportables

September 12: it takes a village to carry an election

September 6: how hillary spent her summer vacation

September 1: donald trump sitting on the mexican fence

August 2016

August 18: blaming the ryan lochte mess on the bossa nova

August 17: donald trump receives intelligence

August 16: america's mayor seems to have forgotten something

August 12: resetting the trump campaign

August 2: olympic blood sampling

July 2016

July 29: shattering a philadelphia floor

July 25: vermont carnivore

July 23: roger ailes leaving the fox hen house

July 22: the donald j. trump that ate the g.o.p. canary

July 21: ted cruz reminds delegates why they won't like him any better in 2020

July 19: a norovirus makes an unscheduled appearance at the convention

July 15: trump train coming into cleveland

July 14: justice gins burg's freedom of mis-speech

July 13: trump's augmented reality pokemon veep picks

July 12: police volatility hard to embrace

June 2016

June 29: benghazi committee's smoking gun

June 28: supreme court messes with texas

May 2016

May 16: when pigs fly

May 13: three men in a prison cell

May 12: the speaker vs. the screamer

May 6: keystone pipeline ii: escape from alberta

May 5: the political circus elephant gets the axe

May 4: donald trump: gravity denier

May 3: g.o.p. convention preview

May 2: carly sings!

April 2016

April 28: trump's world view

April 21: breaking a twenty

April 20: donald trump's gargoyle

April 19: new york state primary:short version

April 15: occupy's human microphone feedback

April 1: a warm winter for hillary

March 2016

March 22: u.s. vs cuba seventh inning stretch

March 21: obama brings moneyball to cuba

March 17: mcdonnell's obligation to despise and resent

March 14: the bernie generation gap

March 11: a trump rally show of hands

March 10: narcissus of sunny isles beach

March 8: the g.o.p.'s difficult conversation with the n.r.a.

March 7: long shot wendy long launches her 2nd u.s. senate campaign

March 4: nys gop convention's fracking policy

March 3: trumposaurus rex and g.o.p extinction

March 2: six sigma meets kkk with donald trump

February 2016

February 29: donald trump's war of northern aggression

February 27: christie & trump: a marriage of enemies lists

February 26: cruz, rubio and trump prepare for time-out tuesday

February 24: the u.s. senate academy awards

February 22: the impending trumpenburg disaster

February 16: the balance of mitch mcdonnell's power

February 9: gop presidential choices 2016

January 2016

January 29: parading donald trump

January 28: bernie preoccupies hillary

November 2015

November 17: liberté, égalité, fraternité. . .sécurité??

November 6: george h. w. bush's nanny problems

November 4: prime minister justin trudeau and the canadian halfpipe

October 2015

October 30: the headless houseman and the budget deal

October 29: new speaker gives voice to the old gop show

October 27: world health organization discovers a cancer link at citi field

October 22: the benghazi committee's good witch hunt

October 9: the gop's red planet

October 6: representative stefanik's tramp stamp

September 2015

September 29: speaker boehner delivers

September 28: total eclipse of the hillary

September 25: gop seeks devine intervention

February 2014

February 27: new york's pre-k tug-o-war

February 24: nys department of huge correction

February 11: putin's winter selfi games

February 3: the need for more sand and less tar on the gulf coast

January 2014

January 29: the gop/tea party rebuttal to the state of the union

January 21: governor cuomo's unsafe treatment of upstate whackos

January 17: boehner throwing the tea party under the omnibus

January 15: mr. owens leaves washington

January 10: long range forecast

January 9: the powerpoint of damocles

January 6: medical marijuana comes to new york

December 2013

November 2013

October 2013

October 23: the jobs legalized gambling will create in new york

October 15: the gop digging in

October 10: at the federal reserve bank, a tale of two ceilings

October 8: john boehner's next job

October 6: a party divided comes together finding fault

September 2013

September 30: the tnt party on the verge

August 2013

August 30: the bloomberg years, condensed

August 28: the civil rights movement's other anniversary

August 23: president obama's upstate ny listening tour

May 2013

May 29: gov. cuomo: war of 1812 reenactor

May 23: the big banana stalks the big apple

May 20: sheldon silver, alpha dog of the nys assembly

May 17: liberty and justice for vito lopez in the nye disassembly

May 9: another political comeback candidate for the gop

May 7: prison gangs of new york

May 2: fracking greek yogurt in new york's southern tier

April 2013

April 29: don't ask, font yell at the bush library

April 19: newspaper and the 24-hr. news cycle

April 18: the us senate gop's long shadow

April 16: senator malcolm smith's trust fall

April 11: the official anthony weiner nyc mayoral campaign vehicle

March 2013

March 28: nyc's long, frisky arm of the law on trial

March 20: a new environmentalist pope may further complicate gov. cuomo's tracking decision

March 13: as the vatican burns, changes in the wind at ny city hall

March 11: reform candidate, vatican city style

March 7: governor cuomo's upstate gambling initiative

February 2013

February 28: the cannibal cop's diet on trial

February 26: assemblyman dov hikind's masquerade

February 25: governor cuomo's state worker pressure briefing

February 22: john boehner and the u.s. equestrian team

February 14: a new job for hillary clinton

February 7: super sizing the keystone xl pipeline

February 2: groundhog day above the marcellus shale

February 1: almost heaven for mayor koch

January 2013

January 29: exit hillary, stage left (leaving captive audience)

January 24: the gop's benghazi boomerang

January 16: new york's gun rights and wrongs

January 11: cuomo's extremely progressive path to washington

January 9: ny senate's automatic response to assault weapons ban

January 4: gov. cuomo's fracking kool-aid

December 2012

December 20: duck season in washington

December 17: the gun lobby's self defense

December 11: overlap in the new nys senate leadership

December 7: interspecies courtship in the nys senate

December 6: nhl running out of ice time

December 4: the g.o.p. closing loopholes in the budget talks

December 3: hurricane sandy relief at the fiscal cliff

November 2012

November 20: expiration date for hostess brands

November 19: cuomo contemplates climate

November 15: return of the squeegee men

November 12: hush hush at the cia

November 9: redistribution of wealth, capitalist model

November 8: reinaugurating dysfunction in albany

November 7: the gop's white elephant time

November 4: the undecided states of America

November 2: republican party disaster relief

October 2012

October 30: dr. frankenstorm's denial

October 29: the "nature mom" vote

October 25: new york stylanders ice hockey

October 24: news media poll dancing

October 22: gender roles in new york's catholic church

October 17: mitt romney's binder gap

October 16: new york yankees and the medicare debate

October 12: spinning biden's grin

October 3: obamaromneycare's 47% leeches

October 1: governor cuomo punts on fracking

September 2012

September 10: four years later, the gop is no better off

August 2012

August 30: the official wristband of the gop convention

August 28: s-s-h-h-eldon silver's assembly hush fund

August 24: mitt romney is expecting a gop baby boom

August 21: strange biology on the house science committee

August 16: cuomo in deep yogurt

August 15: for whom the toll hikes

August 13: chainsaw mitt

August 8: the 6th commandment vs. the 2nd amendment

August 6: gov cuomo loves the adirondacks. on the other hand. . .

August 3: invasive species catch and never release

August 1: governor cuomo's enlightened and illuminating archives

July 2012

July 27: romney doodle went to london for a dressage rehearsal

July 24: poor richard's adage as relates to climate science

July 20: the grim gun violence sequel

July 16: anthony wiener tests the waters again

July 10: mitt romney visits the hamptons

July 4: the legislative session in review

June 2012

June 27: senator liberty or senator justice

June 22: governor cuomo's special needs

June 20: qualifying heats for nysgop u.s. senate hopefuls

June 18: invasive and evasive species

June 13: scratch cuomo's aqueduct dream

June 12: the presidential candidates on the environment

June 8: senator skelos and the gateway to drug policy reform

June 6: the big gulp

June 4: governor cuomo's minimum wager

May 2012

may 29: don't make eye contact on the retransmit of venus

may 23: chicken wings over niagara falls

may 21: cory booker at the crossroads of presidential politics

may 16: 3 haiku on fracking

may 15: ny's southern tier: the saudi arabia of gas (and water)

may 14: j.p. morgan on the chase

may 10: new york knicks can't take the heat

may 8: obama finds wedded bliss in albany

may 7: ny's green avenger

may 4: ny horse racing: the sport of crooks

may 3: ny fashion: a tale of two cities

may 1: fracking cuomo's sculpted environmental record

April 2012

april 29: space shuttle enterprise retires

april 27: mitt's muscle

april 25: the republican imbalancing act

april 24: the gop's war on one particular woman

april 20: mixed political arts in albany

april 16: governor cuomo's enemies list

april 11: chief justice, secretary of state ny gov and top presidential candidate charles evans hughes turns 150

april 9: the unsinkable cartoon metaphor turns 100

april 3: not your daddy's smoke-filled room

march 2012

march 26: at the free federal have a heart clinic

march 20: how we look at our warming planet

march 16: smelling a rat in the redistricting maze

march 13: the 2012 nys redistricting quilting competition

march 9: the farm bill comes to the north country

march 5: rush limbaugh and the sole of a conservative

february 2012

february 28: nysdec surrenders to invaders on the st. lawrence seaway

february 21: spitzer celebrates might-have-been-president day 2012

february 20: jeremy lin, a star in any language

february 16: daredevils over niagara falls

february 13: cuomo hearts ny budget power

february 3: no country for snowmen

january 2012

january 24: 4 things hydrofracking ruins

january 23: newt's nature

january 20: 22nd congressional district roadkill

january 17: governor cuomo's gamble

january 10: adirondack club and resort's advice to invasive feral hogs

january 9: frankenskelos' monster rises upstate

january 6: kodak's future comes into sharp focus

january 5: buffalo gets new bills

january 3: governor cuomo secretly delivers his 2012 state of the state address

january 2: the iowa caucasians

december 2011

december 30: lehigh cement co. and nysdec embrace burning plastic

december 21: new york state's commission on public ethics prefers the dark

december 17: nine years later, a beer with george w. bush

december 16: the soldier's beribboned welcome

december 13: canada's kyoto haiku

december 12: a rare green christmas for upstate ny

december 8: god's not so complex plan on global climate change

december 7: new category of taxpayer revealed by old category of nys pol

december 5: prisoner numbers driving nys senate majority downstate

december 2: steuben glass shuts down

november 2011

november 30: a mandatory visit with santa

november 24: republican science

november 19: what's occupying the adirondack park agency these days?

november 18: congressman chris gibson brings a concealed weapon to the 20th cd

november 12: political climate change vs. carbon fuel projects

november 7: lake champ bridge reopens

november 2: new york democratic human megaphone

october 2011

october 28: seven billion trick-or-treaters

october 24: readying the rooftop highway for the shovel

october 21: extracting governor cuomo's green legacy

october 17: stay of execution for the p.e.f.

october 14: congressman owens vs. china

october 6: steve jobs's forlorn flock

october 3: where the streets are paved with poor people

september 2011

september 29: labor contract tug-o-war

september 23: hydrocarbon huggers

september 19: ny's property tax cap after the storm

september 12: a country bathing in self-pity

september 8: new york state's frack addicts

august 2011

august 29: governor cuomo's working vacation

august 15: small signs of hard times

august 12: cuomo co-opting iroquois nations' gambling heritage

august 8: senator little's sport

august 3: gabby giffords returns to thunderous applause and legislative silence

august 1: the tnt party

july 2011

july 22: the marriage of liberty and justice

july 12: gop lowers the debt floor

july 6: senator gillibrand vs. the xxx chromosome

july 1: gov. cuomo serves up a fiery cocktail to the southern tier

june 2011

june 21: ash holes of new york state

june 17: nysgop's last marriage rites

june 16: ethics takes albany

june 13: ny senator little's declaration of incivility

june 8: rube goldberg in the age of tweets and weiners

june 6: nays tax cap traffic jam

june 1: climate change deniers' irrefutable defense

may 2011

may 30: the return of the seasonals

may 23: nysgop left behind (again)

may 16: cuomo's people first, environment last tour

may 6: sage commission realizes its limits

may 2: remembering where, when and who

may 1: donald f-bomb

april 2011

april 30: saranac lake's daffiasco

april 28: isle of the adirondacks

april 22: a winter with boundary issues

april 19: nothing but wild pork for local budgets

april 14: new york's new helmet law meets fiscal reality

april 12: natural gas presents: it's fracking magic!

april 8: nysgop loves prisoners

april 1: fission season opens on the hudson

march 2011

march 29: nys legislature budget spanx

march 24: congressman gibson's energy panel

march 22: adirondackers resorting to the club

march 21: the toughest job in the whole world

march 16: nys democrats behind bars

march 14: congressman gibson versus godzilla

march 9: peter king opens congressional hearings on islam

march 8: redistricting the nys senate majority

march 1: the game of 15 years to life

february 2011

february 25: capital scapegoating teachers

february 24: count fracula, the real-life vampire

february 22: fire at the filling station

february 11: more craigslist lies

february 2: gov. cuomo predicting a heavy axefall

february 1: trudeau is the cure for saranac lake (again)

january 2011

january 27: big oil gets its milkshake drunk

january 25: the return of those political ads

january 24: ny jets blues

january 17: drones over the adirondacks

january 14: kirsten and goliath

january 13: message: chill. out.

january 12: extremism wagging the gop

january 12: 3 men at a tablescape

january 9: our lethal rhetoric

january 3: governor cuomo calls on ny's lesser angels

december 2010

december 31: paladino just won't leave

december 30: assemblywomen duprey and sayward's double dip

december 29: the ball drops in times square

december 24: ice on earth

december 23: elephants and memory

december 16: speaker-elect boehner cries us a river

december 14: governor paterson and drill, maybe, drill

december 10: xmas excess in the us senate

december 3: senator mccain's chain of command

november 2010

november 30: new york's fracking wishing well

november 29: andrew cuomo: sexiest man alive

november 22: gop's war on everything

november 18: the empire state games get snuffed

november 15: charlie rangel's defense

november 9: g.w. bush's mem-war

november 8: the gop death panel

november 4: politics hands off to governance

november 2: electoral trick or treat

november 1: col. gibson's interpretation of don't ask don't tell

october 2010

october 29: tea party's compatriot

october 26: the supreme court's level playing field

october 25: 3 marxes and a cuomo

october 22: exit grannis

october 14: bill owens campaign signs

october 12: hunting the APA

october 11: nysgop's tiny tent

october 6: doug hoffman's cinderella moment

october 4: carl paladino's fight club

october 1: paterson to ny: only you can prevent forests

september 2010

september 23: new york's conservative party tips

september 20: paladino's tea and sympathy

september 17: the hydrofracker's albatross

september 16: the gubernatorial race goes underground

september 15: nysgop's bedbug problem

september 10: rebuilding american extremism since 2001

september 7: the tea party's aim

september 6: public employee unions at rest

september 3: new york's 2-state solution

july 2010

july 30: andrew cuomo's drive for a new new york

july 16: the mel gibson ringtone

july 9: heat wave

july 2: divorcing albany

june 2010

june 30: 5 stages of nays budget grief

june 25: joe bruno's getaway

june 23: obama's rolling stone

june 17: governor paterson's final budget extender

june 14: new york's political football

june 1: nysgop's divide and conquer strategy

may 2010

may 30: parks stay open, nys budget falls

may 26: cuomo's campaign slogan

may 22: andrew cuomo's temper

may 22: measuring bp's other pollution

may 20: us oil spill clean-up priorities

may 18: lawmakers and disorder

may 11: new york state's labor unions' protection

may 7: reaction to bruno's sentencing

may 5: new york's gop horse race

april 2010

april 27: hydrofracking explained

april 26: pete grannis's hydrofracking half-and-half

april 22: protecting all creatures' habitat

april 7: carl paladino's oath

march 2010

march 31: nys schools race to the bottom

march 26: gop suffers a catastrophic political loss

march 25: steve levy's pornstache gets focus grouped

march 22: obama delivers

march 18: the seneca fortunes go up in smoke

march 17: congressman murphy's second opinion

march 16: betty little and the wearing of the green

march 12: andrew cuomo hands off the paterson investigation to judith kaye

march 11: ravitch looks for an emergency line of credit

march 10: ny troopers searching for an honest man

march 9: tea party time again in NY-23

march 5: new york democratic party's campaign poster

march 4: charlie rangel's representation without taxation

march 3: david paterson's ticking time bombs

february 2010

february 25: vermontville ny's bill demong combines gold with silver

february 24: billy demong's silver migration

february 23: u.s. healthcare's heart attack

february 19: lake placid's andrew "warhorse" weibrecht

february 16: upstate prisons heading down the river

february 11: andrew cuomo's hibernation interrupted

february 9: governor paterson and cupid's arrow

february 1: justice flops on the great white way

january 2010

january 29: adirondack legislators propose conservation moratorium

january 27: paterson prepares to blow up the budget bridge

january 19: special interests versus human interests in albany

january 16: exit senator monserrate, unwillingly

january 13: a ford import enters the senate race

january 12: andrew cuomo's political undertaking

january 11: spitzer's sideline commentary

january 7: an ethical dilemma in a legislature of whores

january 5: hydrofracking the watersupply

december 2009

december 16: bankrolling the public

december 15: bullying the taxpayer

december 10: new york's holiday wishes

december 8: the verdict on bruno and his racehorse

december 4: rallying troops around the flag

december 3: an uncivil rights movement

november 2009

november 25: the budget turkeys survive thanksgiving

november 17: the only way to clean-up albany

november 11: cutting down the governor's budget axe

november 9: theft of honest services and other stuff

november 3: the north country character under scrutiny

november 2: pataki turns on his party

november 1: nysgop drops some moderate balast

october 2009

october 30: doug hoffman's tea party

october 28: trick or treat in the 23rd

october 27: the end time of chris collins' gubernatorial campaign

october 22: nys gop's bridge to oblivion closed for repairs

october 20: a successful senate trade mission to china

october 19: sen. monserrate cleared of felony abuse

october 15: burn barrel ban takes effect

october 14: ny's pipeline to nowhere

october 13: charlie rangel's tax troubles

october 9: nys senate leadership's deep hole

october 7: schumer offers the public option

october 5: pataki's portrait unveiled

october 3: rip william safire

october 2: new nys gop chairman's family ties

september 2009

september 29: club for the most conservative candidate joins the 23rd cd race

september 24: paterson tries to reduce the deficit by a whisker

september 23: rick lazio pledges to clean up albany

september 23: ny court delivers a lieutenant governor

september 22: obama jumps into the albany pit

september 16: buffalo democratic primary sketchbook

september 13: byron brown handicaps the primary race

september 10: lean times for a cash cow

june 2009

june 7: ny senate in perfect moral balance

june 15: malcolm smith regrets not buying a palm pilot

june 15: we don't need another nero

june 8: hudson and champlain finally meet

june 11: ny gop's deal with the devils

june 9: golisano takes aim at albany

june 4: albany's ethics debate goes 'round and 'round

june 3: guns upon the mohawks

june 1: big fences make distant neighbors

may 2009

may 26: american dream/gop nightmare

may 15: in dredging, ge finds it's moral compass

may 13: liberty and justice ununited

may 11: the ny senate democrats' violence fixation

may 9: the dalai lama visits albany

april 2009

april 27: congressman murphy late to the trough

april 23: malcolm smith sacrificing at the altar

april 16: unnatural act: a debate in the nys senate

april 15: 20th cd taxation without representation

april 14: the dueling pirates of albany

april 11: tedisco and murphy eggs

april 8: absentee vote easter bunnies

april 7: tedisco out as assembly majority leader

march 2009

march 31: the 20th cd toss-up

march 30: tedisco's minority experience

march 25: 3 democrats in a bunker

march 20: land speculators all atwitter

march 18: aig and the new socialism

march 17: luther forest no tech chip fab plant

march 13: tedisco, steele, and the new g.o.p.

march 11: third party's role in the media circus

march 5: news vs the twittering classes

february 2009

february 26: shelly and the sugar tree

february 25: lipmann installed

february 20: tedisco is one of them

february 18: senator gillibrand's juggling act

february 17: GOP boycotts the stimulus bill

february 12: obama's number one shovel-ready project

february 11: america's passtime: winning

february 10: downsizing state government

february 9: gillibrand switches lanes

february 5: senator smith tackles imaginary numbers

february 4: wall st. gets both barrels

january 2009

january 30: the old man and the sea of corruption

january 29: the personification of ny's 20th cd

january 26: Job seekers crowd ny's 20th congressional district

january 23: Gillibrand of the north

january 21: king's dream, obama's nightmare

january 20: many happy returns

january 12: escaping the rockefeller drug laws

january 9: w's sunken legacy

january 8: dysfunction's survivor

january 7: tattooing the old gray lady

january 2: checking-in to the winohouse

december 2008

december 19: adirondack divisions

december 17: the assumption of caroline

december 16: waiting for other shoes to drop

december 15: malcolm smith makes his move

december 11: in defense of cow burps

december 10: pirates of the hudson river

december 10: senate seat for sale

december 9: two and a half men, or malcolm in the middle

december 2: nys loses two more jobs

december 1: the suspense of the democratic majority

november 2008

november 26: spreading the germs of the holiday season

november 25: h.r.c., secretary of upstate

november 24: gwb, sprinting to the finish line

november 20: ny's new not-so-magic carpet

november 19: the clintons go to the vet

november 17: ny's legislative labors lost

november 14: chicken little of the ny state senate

november 13: thanksgiving '08: revenge of the turkey

november 11: deep six for the environment

november 10: obama's new puppy

november 6: gop's fortress of solitude

november 5: people get ready, there's a train coming

november 3: no bigger loser

october 2008

october 30: another ny governor in dc

october 27: the sinking human habitat

october 24: lake placid bans hooting

october 21: the permanent republican majority

october 10: mccain/palin, 666

october 9: bush and son, economic gravediggers

october 8: the voters choose "that one"

october 6: the republican revolution trickles down

october 1: the mayor that ate new york

september 2008

september 29: the dutch return to nyc

september 5: palin's shotgun wedding

august 2008

august 29: change is due

july 2008

july 31: bloomberg's and Patterson's tightrope act

july 28: new york's time to pay the piper

july 11: obama's eavesdropping vote

july 9: more bull in albany

july 7: pharmaceutical giving

july 7: the pastoral post-political racehorse

july 4: hillary returns

june 2008

june 25: bruno retires

june 20: offshore on the mississippi

june 12: tax cap not ready for the real world

june 9: hillary's consolation

june 1: mass transit in saratoga county

may 2008

may 30: holding up the california's train

may 16: gillibrand expands her base

may 13: the price of safety

may 12: the bush legacies

may 9: hillary, lost in america

may 4: biodiesel's challenge (hill country observer cover)

april 2008

april 29: joe bruno gets his kicks

april 24: raiding the budget cookie jar

april 23: new york farmers go to cuba

april 8: albany's power vacuum

april 7: exit mark penn

april 5: american medicine's addiction to Caesarean deliveries

april 4: visit mount troopergate

april 2: prisoners of the adirondacks

march 2008

march 31: what goes on behind closed doors

march 26: norovirus road trip

march 24: a so-so war

march 19: snowmobile's uphill ride

march 18: hillary stalking the hunter

march 14: ny's second blind governor

march 13: governor paterson's vision

march 11: icarus of booty

march 10: spitzer's same old new clothes

march 6: natural causes cultural effects

march 5: the true cost of the war

march 3: president bush, out to launch

february 2008

february 29: where the doctors meet the debtors

february 27: spitzer's open door policy

february 25: gop upstate entitlement

february 21: unidentified falling object

february 20: banana republican

february 14: spitzer raids the epf stash

february 13: pitchers, catchers, and shooter-uppers report

february 12: silver's lu-lus

february 8: rush limbaugh's addiction

february 7: gop's draft animal

february 4: rockefeller's bastard dependents

february 3: bad news for bats

february 1: frederick douglass vs. elizabeth cady stanton

january 2008

january 30: america's fallen mayor

january 28: bill clinton's new campaign role

january 26: consumer rx

january 25: nys board of elections stalemate

january 24: the slippery slope at davos

january 22: teaming up on obama

january 21: natural selection of nys judges

january 17: the incarceration economy

january 16: the state of upstate falls

january 14: too much t.r. for w.

january 11: state of the logjam

january 7: hillary's tattoo

january 3: left behind in iowa

january 1: bloody new year

december 2007

december 11: hillary's official campaign vehicle

december 5: santa's dysfunctional team

november 2007

november 23: picket line, broadway style

november 19: unlicensed drivers down the road

november 7: pat robertson's peculiar choice

november 6: mukasey skims through senate with shumer support

november 1: boston's biggest fan

october 2007

october 19: murkasey: future is uncertain

october 17: the rich & immigrant licenses

october 15: gore goes for the gold

october 4: laugh like a pirate week

september 2007

september 24: global warming, texas-style

september 20: the classless of 1994

september 18: murkasey steps into the breech

september 17: bush's song and dance

september 13: untainting hillary's campaign

september 11: democrats standing down

september 6: wet-nursing the hospitals

september 4: more time in the sand

august 2007

august 29: the revenge of easy credit

august 27: troopergate deflates

august 16: rove retires

august 8: gillibrand delivers

august 1: saratoga summer hats

july 2007

july 27: eliot's clean-up

july 18: dampening giuliani's hopes

july 16: d'amato and the g.o.p. future

july 13: silver takes his toll

july 10: dogfight over albany

july 6: w closes the war loop

july 3: statue of libby

july 2: nys senate in the shade

june 2007

june 20: a tale of two tolls

june 12: the johnny appleseed of litter

june 8: worker bee housing crisis

june 7: college lenders' commencement

june 6: inflation at the gas station

june 1: borderline contageous

may 2007

may 25: food label literacy

may 23: monumental bush critics

may 22: sen. schumer tackles a slippery subject

may 17: txtng @ hc 4 prez hq

may 15: frankenspitzer's monster

may 14: cross-dressing the gop

may 4: hillary's worker bees are missing

may 3: reflection of excessive force

april 2007

april 23: bruno power

march 2007

march 10: pete grannis caged

march 9: nys healthcare triage

march 1: beavers welcomed back to nyc

february 2007

february 28: diNapoli on the slippery slope

february 26: sharpton and thurmond geneology

february 23: able to overcome his reservations on tall buildings. . .

february 22: vying for the hollywood gold

february 21: borscht belt tragedy

february 12: spitzer's thorny valentine

february 9: controlling the comptroller

february 8: rudy's campaign baggage

february 6: the silver handshake

january 2007

january 26: 10th mountain division hanging on

january 24: paula picks the comptroller

january 19: winter rebounds

january 17: hillary tanks obama

january 12: ny's gerrymandered ol' pachyderm

january 11: mickey mouse troop surge

january 9: w's pressing question

january 7: how to caricature your new governor

december 2006

december 29: the wreck is passed to a new generation

december 22: bruno under scrutiny

december 14: bush spinning history

december 7: el grande e. coli burrito

december 4: hillary's team

november 2006

november 29: shelly silver claus

november 28: nys hospitals total makeover

november 17: nysgop's new boss

november 15: enter mayor of disaster

november 14: two things won't change on day one

november 9: carl rove crashes

november 8: ticonderoga's campfire

november 1: the neanderthal vote

october 2006

october 31: dancing with the political stars

october 26: hillary's enhanced image

october 25: spitzer and hevesi cleaning up

october 24: libertarians' strange bedfellows

october 23: bruno's endangered pork

october 20: congressman sweeney's spring break

october 18: buffalo's october disaster

october 17: president bush's handouts

october 13: spitzer's burden

october 4: midterm domino effect

october 2: the original cut and runner

september 2006

september 29: full speed ahead for the pirros

september 28: bedbugs love ny

september 15: rock'n'regulation

september 14: congressman kisshorse

september 8: 9/11 plus five

september 7: bucky season

september 5: american idle

september 1: the color of not quite

august 2006

august 29: a messy split to a civil union

august 28: a herd of attorney general hopefuls

august 24: the great cuomo debate

august 11: large mammal found in hudson

august 3: john faso getting the name out

august 2: sweeney can wait to debate

july 2006

july 28: testosterone diplomacy

july 25: the new york songbird blues

july 20: generational chemical bonding

july 19: internationalizing flag desecration

july 13: john sweeney's ethical challenge

july 12: an adirondack tragedy

july 7: passing the bouquet

july 6: hillary's pest control

june 2006

june 30: k. t. mcfarland plans her strategy

june 29: the wizard of luther forest

june 28: an inundated truth

june 23: karl rove rides again

june 20: taking liberties with dna tests

june 16: new york's legislative serenade

june 9: weaponizing ann coulter

june 7: the egocratic party

june 6: bill weld bows out

june 4: 3 fort edward sprawl haiku

may 2006

sketchbook: nys democratic and republican conventions

may 24: bursting w's bubble

may 23: spitzer's emigration reform

may 19: the road to hell, 4-wheel drive required

may 18: department of political corrections

may 12: pataki and nature out on a limb

may 11: spitzer makes a commitment

may 9: 9/11 memorial money pit

may 5: the gasoline generation

may 4: usda chasing chickens

may 2: sweeney in the animal house

april 2006

april 20: pataki's slice of pizza

april 19: keeping members' items quiet

april 17: pro-rumsfeld generals

april 14: if the budget were reality tv

april 13: vetoing pork at passover

april 7: bad news bear

april 6: cbs now

april 5: postprandial pay hike

april 4: courting the berkshire voter

march 2006

march 31: a whopper of a budget

march 29: healthcare policy on ambien

march 28: the jobs americans won't do

march 24: outsourcing ny's air quality

march 23: the albany hillbillies

march 17: iraq war memorial

march 17: sherwood boehlert retires

march 16: adirondack northway welcome

march 14: prescription accomplished

march 10: walmart heads for the hills

march 8: nyra's emergency phone call

march 7: hillary hecklers

march 3: unfinished voting machine business

march 2: dairy crisis in haiku

march 1: gop overcrowding hospitals

february 2006

february 27: suozzi joins the spitzer hunt

february 23: a gift horse in the ports

february 18: operating new york

february 17: nys grad rate drops

february 14: cheney's most dangerous game

february 10: irreconcilable differences in albany

february 9: nys judiciary races

february 1: extreme prison privatization

january 2006

january 31: the call of conspicuous wealth

january 19: pataki's abundant energy

january 17: naturally prickly spitzer

january 13: many unhappy returns

january 6: self portrait of a future president

january 3: bruno bets big on nyra

january 2: ny republican reality

december 2005

december 23: holding up the constitution

december 16: decembr-r-r

december 14: all-day kindergarten

december 13: pataki's exit strategy

december 7: pirro's denial

december 1: no child left unrecruited

november 2005

november 17: bruno and chicken little

november 16: 9-11 repo man

november 11: the battle of ticonderoga 2005

november 3: conservative kong

november 2: mutiny on the budget

october 2005

october 31: smoker attrition

october 28: hillary and roadside moms

october 27: the heartless horseman

october 18: senate campaign cash

october 17: watching the neighbors

october 15: ge sucks it up

october 11: nyra's home stretch

october 6: checkpoint chilly

september 2005

september 29: next up, hurricane hillary

september 28: pataki aides katrina victim

september 23: minarik's primary fear

september 20: freedom from fulani

september 16: pataki's misfortune cookie

september 12: budget buster circus

september 8: environmental gumbo

september 2: new orleans in need

august 2005

august 30: demarch of the penguins

august 29: the big sophistry of low expectations

august 23: albany puppet theater

august 19: cryptosporidium takes a holiday

august 18: barbarian at the gop gate

august 15: dec's invitation to launch

august 11: the american madrassa

august 10: senate mud rasslin'

august 9: spiegel's nest

august 4: pataki off the pill

august 4: reflections of grandeur

august 3: steroid hall of fame

august 2: thinking about iraq

july 2005

july 29: another legend steps down

july 27: tops chops shops

july 25: candidacy contraception

july 22: john roberts' right to life-term

july 20: sucking the life out of medicaid

july 19: pataki tests the muddy waters

july 8: artificial pine authority

july 7: olympic ring toss

july 5: chuck schumer, filly-buster

june 2005

june 29: ny guard's exit strategy

june 28: rochester's ferry sails again

june 24: legeslative summer reading

june 22: new york's beer trail

june 20: pataki's decision

june 15: regents' new standards

june 14: david vs. goliath vs. ...

june 8: doing time in albany

june 7: bloomberg takes his eye off the ball

june 6: justice desserts

june 2: the bottle bill vs. the larger louder litter lobby

june 1: a pitchfork in the road for jeanine pirro

may 2005

may 31: great barrington's capeless crusader

may 27: memorex day 2005

may 24: 3-card monte in upstate ny

may 23: the not-so-great communicator

may 20: cost of killing increase

may 19: house armed services boys' club

may 18: ny jets stadium holding pattern

may 16: nys school of hard knocks for the blind

may 13: iraq may be hazardous to your health

may 11: new york's unclear option

may 10: securing the freedom tower

may 4: it takes a clinton to raise awareness

may 3: nysgop's runaway bride

may 1: the agricultural food pyramid

april 2005

april 27: base closing shock and awe

april 26: ny's no. 1 boston fan

april 25: highway robbery

april 18: mercurial fish

april 15: return of the budget vampires

april 14: death penalty looks for work

april 13: nys gop first order of business

april 7: canadian border war

april 5: cowboy rudy

april 1: fishing season opens

march 2005

march 31: iroquois confederacy today

march 30: roadkill on the way to a balanced budget

march 24: safety seats for albany's children

march 22: gop mindlessness over matter

march 21: the case for sunshine laws

march 18: the medicaid gift horse

march 17: nys regents go back to the drawing board

march 14: george bush's mercury no-brainer

march 11: pataki cracks down on lobbyist anglers

march 9: ny's new voting machines

march 8: the new, improved budget process

march 4: international paper's tire burn

march 3: fall 2008, a preview

march 2: pataki's blue state blues

february 2005

february 24: nyc's pollution olympics

february 23: opportunity costs & meth labs

february 20: rainbow division in iraq

february 16: no miracle on ice 2005

february 11: no way to ruin a railroad

february 4: getting orda into shape

february 3: high-sodium driving

february 2: david grandeau-attack dog

january 2005

january 28: the death penalty on life support

january 27: spitzer, the enforcer

january 25: rfk jr. and the tabloids

january 21: more casinos, fewer nursing homes

january 18: department of erin crotty

january 17: junk food fundraising

january 14: regents' polynomial problem

january 12: nys clears the air

january 11: medicaid breakdown

january 6: george pataki, tree hugger

january 4: it isn't easy skiing green

january 3: the state of the deficit

december 2004

december 31: many happy returns

december 29: riddles of the pataki sphinx

december 28: a mule named canal corp

december 23: the tin death man

december 22: re-gifts of the magi

december 15: kerik bombs

december 14: rockefeller behind bars

december 9: indian land claims

december 8: spitzer cleaning up

november 2004

november 19: high-speed rail line

november 17: albany tic tac toe

november 16: armyy of one

november 12: hillary the uniter

november 11: exit treadwell

november 8: he just keeps going and going

november 5: hard work on the hudson

november 2: john and george-o-lanterns

october 2004

october 29: how to deal with albany

october 27: black bear hunt extended

october 25: the unbeatable ny incumbents

october 22: robert bruno's substance abuse

october 21: wrangling insurance brokers

october 19: imaginary flu shot

october 18: electoral battleground map

october 6: carole stone retires

october 5: government set in concrete

october 4: leaf-peeper bounty

september 2004

september 30: the real invasive species

september 22: veto override breakdown

september 17: ny's earnhardt license plates

september 14: elvis is in da assembly

september 13: oneida flatware closes

august 2004

august 31: w's pet goat

august 28: wind farm protest

august 27: budget veterans for truth

august 18: milking upstaters

august 4: minimum wage justice

august 3: school funding deadline

august 2: it's osama, stupid

july 2004

july 30: two men, two votes

july 23: big box retail

july 15: hiding hillary

june 2004

june 23: bill's book

june 22: oldest profession

june 15: adult delinquents

may 2004

may 28: vlts & vending machines

may 26: spitzer's birthday

may 18: upstate/downstate high stakes

may 14: no child left behind

may 13: election reform

may 11: message in a bottle

may 7: radio tower feedback

may 6: pataki's prayer breakfast

may 3: pledge of neglect

april 2004

april 28: independent authorities

april 27: pataki terror laws

april 20: school budget financing

april 6: amo houghton retires

april 2: mercury dropping

april 1: not fleet enough

march 2004

march 31: budget fools' day

march 17: marriage of church and state

march 16: bruno's pot o' gold

march 12: grocery store wine sales

march 10: too many cooks spoil the budget

march 8: taming medicaid

march 4: bush campaign ads

march 1: political vows

february 2004

february 24: lobby law loopholes

february 20: us senate race begins

february 18: the leaving of the guard

february 11: miracle on film

february 10: the bush ranger

february 09: immigration reform

february 05: tech valley labor

february 1: the virtue of gambling

january 2004

january 27: the gambler

january 25: sweeney catwalk

january 19: loon in winter

january 18: adirondack ice hocks

january 11: tech valley 2020

january 9: ny's mad cow

january 8: medicaid sled dogs

january 5: pataki's vision

january 4: justice john hall

december 2003

december 29: snowmobile compromise

december 26: murray street

december 19: crummy weather

december 12: the holiday flu

december 5: glens falls water

november 2003

november 30: five corners pile-up

november 23: ny keg deposit

november 16: crandall changes

november 9: coles woods flood

november 2: unopposed incumbents

october 2003

october 26: skidmore hockey

october 19: red sox in winter

october 12: hip-hop's wildcats

october 5: incoming and outgoing

september 2003

september 29: wallmart and rv's

september 22: little makes a call

september 16: ny senate's session

september 15: warren co. gop mutineer

september 9: committee of clones

september 4: milk price hikes

september 3: hillary's dilemma

september 1: warren co. occupancy tax

august 2003

august 29: mars approaches

august 17: summer of damp and dark

august 11: moreau/reliant cogeneration

july 2003

july 14: wheeled migration

july 7: treadwell's workout

july 6: regents test: math-dwi

july 2: gop senate longshot

june 2003

june 29: tree hugger

june 26: regents' failures

june 15: glens falls bridgework

june 5: living history & pigeons

june 1: school tax overload

may 2003

caricatures: democratic leadership council

may 29: canadian visitors

may 25: funny cide's fame

may 18: lake george pataki

may 13: the ides of may

may 11: treadwell's bandwagon

may 9: wall street's punishment

april 2003

april 10: pataki's gamble

april 9: pataki's phonebooth

april 8: tobacco's lungs

april 4: the sars bug

april 3: war prayer

march 2003

caricature: bush goes to war

march 17: dredging for dollars

march 10: governor's trust

march 9: glens falls faulty fireplugs

march 6: t-shirt mall

march 4: a budget diet pill

february 2003

february 27: wtc replacement

february 26: canadian export

february 25: liberal party extinction

february 24: negative ads

february 12: new york geeks

february 10: gangs of new york state

february 3: dec and epf budgets

february 2: hadley-luzerne middle school crisis

january 2003

january 31: suv tax loophole

january 29: emperor's clothes

january 26: superbowl pirates

january 22: suny tuition hikes

january 20: surviving the cold snap

january 19: living with milfoil

january 14: death row politics

january 13: ge healthcare walkout

january 12: snowmobile exposure

january 11: tough winter

january 10: flash pataki, futurist

january 9: tipping the scales

january 8: home heat aid cuts

january 5: snowmobile behavior

december 2002

december 15: northway phones return

december 4: gay rights bill split

december 3: bush's burn barrel

november 2002

november 27: thanksgiving cuts

november 10: county payrolls

november 7: the next elections begin

caricature: pataki victory

november 3: campaign spending record

november 1: three men in a tub

october 2002

october28: jackass the movie

october20: pataki's hybrid vehicle

october18: a tax by any other name

october15: hillary's poll standing

october14: pataki & the minority parties

october13: golf digest

october6: the boss for u.s. senate

october 3: 800 lb gorilla

september 2002

september 29: twilight empire zone

september 24: missing farmers

september 19: camp osama

september 14: 9-11 lucky number

september 11: looking back

september 9: new york's twin defecits

caricature: hillary clinton

august 2002

august 29: nyc's olympic bid

august 26: dennis mehiel's bundles

august 24: pataki's money drop

august 23: hillary and fried dough

august 22: ames goes under

august 19: new york's fires

august 10: martha stewart & the loaf

august 8: cuomo pere et fils

august 4: coke vs. pepsi 101

july 2002

july 30: nys' power crisis

july 28:running out of the money

july 24:pataki's ball & chain

july 23:generic drug problems

july 22:campaign $ blue ribbon

july 21: sematech comes to albany

Caricature: charles gargano

july 17: nygop cavemen

july 16: nafta nurses

Caricature: ben gilman

july 15: dwi and politics

july 14: saratoga's horse art vandals

july 11: pataki's popularity bubble

july 10: nipping at the death penalty

july 9: quebec's hot export

july 8: albany's unfinished business

july 7: collections for the church

july 4: epf & superfund in trouble

july 2: the border war

july 1: no way to run a railroad

june 2002

june 26: pataki and id theft

june 25: ny regents physics exam

june 24: summer blood donation

june 19: major league testing

june 18: smoking section

june 16: the great evasion

june 13: urban mayors and the schools

june 12: toxic waste nimbys

june 11: good cop/bad cop

june 10: political erosion

june 9: splitting ticonderoga

june 7: new york? you bet.

june 6: statue of lipids

Caricature: sandy treadwell

june 4: car insurance inflation

june 3: board of regents at play

june 2: the feudal succession

may 2002

may 31: ny senate on the tube

may 30: cheney's musical chair

Caricature: eliot spitzer

may 28: andrew cuomo, party of one

may 27: an adirondack fixture retires

may 26: sue kelly's long, strange district

may 24: h. carl mccall's resume

may 23: unconventional departures

may 22: three men in a room

Caricature: george pataki

may 20: inflated property taxes

may 19: hillary sighting

may 10: lyme disease takes flight

may 9: reforming adult homes

may 8: death penalty supporters

may 7: the budget trap

Caricature: thomas galisano

may 5: tech valley days

may 3: hinchey's job on the line

may 2: labor's love lost

may 1: deer hunting


Caricature: president bush

april 29: got milk?

april 26: the budget of oz

april 25: nys luxury gap

april 24: earthquake explained

april 23: what cuomo meant

Caricature: andrew cuomo

april 22: bush on earth day

april 20: spitzer vs. the bull

april 19: record temperatures

april 17: cuomo's kickoff tour

april 16: still waiting for the budget

april 14: procrastinator's day

april 10: bloomberg's munchies

april 8: legislators return

april 7: hockey fan protection

april 4: pataki's close-up

april 3: prisoner art exhibits

april 2: tribal cigarette sales

april 1: albany fools day


march 28: hope for underachieving students

march 27: rockefeller drug laws

march 26: nesbitt's new office

march 25: democratic straw poll

march 24: epa in saratoga

march 21: joltin' joe bruno

march 20: patients' patience

march 19: regents' imbalance

march 18: mccall in israel

march 17: girl scout surplus

march 14: the catholic gargoyle

march 13: initiative and referendum denounced

mar 12: medicare cuts

mar 11: rochester's growth

mar 10: $20 billion with a twist

mar 7: ny farm pests

mar 6: redistricting monster

mar 5: mary donohue's position

mar 4: lake george gridlock

mar 1: tourism ads


feb 28: drought and security

feb 27: insurance hikes

feb 26: the oneida deal

feb 25: dividing saratoga

feb 22: chez bloomberg

feb 21: bruno's bill

feb 20: strategic redistricting


winter 2001/02: the year in review

winter 2001/02: rep. sweeney's ny relief bill

fall 2001: rising from september's ashes

fall 2001: from glens falls with love

fall 2001: late budget bullies

summer 2001: moreau: game called on account of stupidity

summer 2001: new state campsite regulations

summer 2001: land of the black fly and jet ski

spring 2001: lake george's declaration of inconvenience

spring 2001: andrew cuomo's not listening tour

spring 2001: where the jaguar, rabbit and impala. . .park

spring 2001: education financing 101

spring 2001: disguised cell towers

fall 2000: ge's new slogan

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