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Schenectady Sunday Gazette Op/Ed Illustrations:

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April 17, 2014: governor cuomo balances education budget

March 30, 2014: guardian of the gateway drug

March 5, 2014: schenectady's "loosie" smoking law

January 24, 2014: upstate gambling's losers and winners


December 20, 2013: andrew cuomo, snowmaker

December 5, 2013: the generous spirit of donald patnaude

October 30, 2013: teaching incivility in public schools

October 11, 2013: trashing st. pat's cathedral in watervliet

September 12, 2013: warning signs along the mohawk

August 14, 2013: targeted by ticks

July 11, 2013: fleecing upstaters

June 14, 2013: a legislative threat to snapping turtles

April 26, 2013: gladiators of the octagon

April 5, 2013: cultural duel in the mohawk valley

March 15, 2013: international student slam dunk

February 8, 2013: teaching invasives

January 11, 2013: preserving a branch of the family tree


December 14, 2012: the undying international intervention debate

November 16, 2012: another wreath at the tomb of the unknowns

October 26, 2012: cannibalizing schenectady's inner city redevelopment

September 28, 2012: apalling demagogury

August 24, 2012: baby bomber on board

August 3, 2012: the shadow of loss

July 13, 2012: the balancee of the roberts court

June 22, 2012: jefferson, liberty and the vote

June 1, 2012: the headless tourist of the hudson valley

May 10, 2012: dodging the boss's axe

April 20, 2012: tipping (over) the education scales

March 30, 2012: nra's stand your ground in washington

February 9, 2012: albany's political circus

January 20, 2012: homegrown chick flicks


November 23, 2011: new york's regional economic development schemes

November 18, 2011: the international standoff

October 21, 2011: george will at the parapet

September 30, 2011: hope lost and humanity found in the flood

September 9, 2011: homes under water

August 26, 2011: freeloading on the safety net

July 21, 2011: academic carrot and stick for fy 2012

July 1, 2011: mapping the unexplored wilderness

May 20, 2011: let them eat healthcare

April 8, 2011: cuomo's catch of the day

March 17, 2011: unions giving teacher some muscle

February 11, 2011: boehner's political orgy

January 21, 2011: epa's bright idea


December 17, 2010: public school vice zones

November 23, 2010: rachel carson's book at fifty

October 15, 2010: avoiding the conspicuously virtuous crowd

August 27, 2010: old school gps

August 6, 2010: ignoring rolling thunder

July 15, 2010: unholy wedlock

July 1, 2010: cigarette sin tax on congress's plate

June 4, 2010: clocking th heavyweight

April 23, 2010: cannibalizing new york state's social services

April 2, 2010: the onrust sails again

March 12, 2010: the constitutional finger of fate

February 12, 2010: giving peace the third degree

January 22, 2010: governor patterson on the stump upstate


December 26, 2009: 12 months of 2009

December 4, 2009: the high seas of chilhood's imagination

November 6, 2009: the healthcare crazy quilt

October 23, 2009: plunging into healtcare

October 10, 2009: the gordian knot of constitutional rights

October 8, 2009: time may be up for new yorks 23rd cd

September 24, 2009: handicapping the war on terror

September 3, 2009: angry airheads aloft

August 14, 2009: the pollution of politics

July 24, 2009: eating away at howe caverns

June 26, 2009: invasion from the deep

May 29, 2009: hitchhikers guide to legislative bandwagons

May 1, 2009: gay marriage's perilous procession

April 9, 2009: eastertime election recount

the economy of our discontent

symbiosis in schenectady

invertibrates of contention

obama catches the big wave


farewell to fat times

the middle name

prisoners of time

an economy up in the air

the vulnerable tower

sitting ducks of august

an emergency for st. clare hospital

a tale of two transports

the infinite traffic jam

out of the pocket, into the tank

cultivating personal history

the axe manual

squeezing doctors


the flimsy safety net

pork bridge to nowhere

a constitutional snare

observing edgar allen poe

driving a stake through the economy's heart

global warming, the other explanation


industrial warfare

new york's mechanic

handicap access denied

a lawyer's dozen

government in overdrive

roll joints, not tanks

the wrecking ball of damocles

eating high on the radish

the official gastropod of new york

nurturing literary talent

lifeguards of liabilities

the right to protect lefties

shaping up america

barking up the wrong tree

corporate apple picking

aging the skidmore vintage

an oversized sample


12 steps to new years day

the helping hands of time

memorializing the missing

neigborhoods unleashed

weighing schenectady's priorities

saratoga parking madness

floating over the precipice

undercover undercover cops

pursued by trauma

the new land grab

links to the past

flat earth revisited

the amish patchwork

drifting off

heavy thought

good shepherds

coyne's armory

u at a's great dane team

pataki's reflection


catskill idyll

overbuilding new york

peace dove


the new protester

hercules on the mohawk

addictive culture

milking the farmer

slice of the pie

eating chinese


commisioner boyle

history on parade

measuring students

solar electric

smoking them out

the endangered hunter

full service politicians


big box retail

maintaining the faith

big money/small change

barge tourism and the Stockade

playing in the street

shooting reenactors

catholic faith


a tale of two interstate corridors

urban/suburban tug of war

spanning time

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